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Hello ladies, welcome to TAKE THAT BEAUTY blogshop with everything related to beauty products. :) Ok, let's address some stuff to make sure everyone is clear with how TAKE THAT BEAUTY works.

+ Like TAKE THAT, this is a pre-order blogspot too, for Korea beauty products(for now, who knows) that are not available in Malaysia. ETA is 3 weeks or sooner, please do not place an order if you're not willing to wait. :)

+ Every items are authentic and original and I have the receipts but I will not be able to give it to all of you since I'll be purchasing in bulk and Koreans do not fancy separate bills.

+ Every items on this blogshop are personal favorite of mine or my recommendation. If you have any request, feel free to click on 'contact me' or email to take.that.style@gmail.com. :)

+ If you're ordering TAKE THAT clothes/bags at the same time and you would wanna save on the postage fee to have your items post out together, then please be patience to wait until I have all your items from 2 different shipments then I'll post them out. :)

+ Sometimes samples are cheaper than the actual product itself so you're advised to buy as many mini samples as you like. ;)

I hope I didn't left out anything, anyway happy shopping babes!

It's Skin Prestige Cream d’escargot (Snail Cream)

Ingredients : 12,600 mg of mucus secreted by garden snail
Effect : Leaves skin delicate and firm with lesser fine lines,easily diminishes the appearance of deeper wrinkles and enlarged pores, reducing scars, marks of acne as well as pigmentation.
How to Use : Apply after tone or the last step of your daily facial routine. For all skin type even for driest and most sensitive skin
[Free 10ml of It's Skin Prestige Cream d’escargot BB Cream]

Price : RM 230

[Mini sample approx 4ml - RM 14.5]

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